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PKMN Armonia: Esther Bonifay by EmpurrorMooks PKMN Armonia: Esther Bonifay by EmpurrorMooks
Because the image in this ref is small, there is a larger picture and color palette of Esther here!

Completed memes at the bottom of the app!


I'm adding a second character to Armonia. uvu Feel free to use her for anything you like!

:bulletgreen:Name: Esther "Essie" Bonifay

:bulletwhite:Age: 17

:bulletgreen:Gender: Female

:bulletwhite:Pokémon: Reuniclus

:bulletgreen:Birthday: January 15th

:bulletwhite:Height: 5'2''/157 cm ( without coat )

:bulletgreen:Weight: 110 lbs/51 kg ( without coat )

:bulletwhite:Nature: Careful

:bulletgreen:Ability: Overcoat Protects the Pokémon from things like sand, hail and powder.

:bulletwhite:Hometown: Opelucid City ( Futuristic sect )

Esther is the very cautious type, always aware of her surroundings. She will do almost anything to avoid conflict or danger of any sort. Despite her serious looks, she's actually quite social and loves to be around others when she can. Though she can be a little intimidated by anyone who is a little too physical or risky, she's quite the pushover and can easily be swayed to stick around anyway.
She is very dependent on her liquid coat and almost never seen out of it, something she's a little self conscious about. She's very weak and nervous about physical contact, and she dislikes having attention called to this.
Aside from that, Esther is very neat and likes things to be set in order, often using her psychic powers to organize her surroundings. Being the oldest of 4 has also led her to adopt a somewhat motherly front with anybody significantly younger than her.

:bulletwhite:History: Esther grew up with her parents and 3 siblings in the technological sect of Opelucid City. Born to a Reuniclus mother and Gallade father, she was taught to use her psychic abilities at a young age and quickly became proficient. She used her powers for whatever she could- becoming a master at housework whenever her parents were busy, and being almost like a third parent to her younger siblings. However, her confidence at home was overshadowed by a great fear of the outdoors. Being rather weak and sickly, Esther was terrified of her own vulnerability if someone was able to break through her shielding coat. She was always very avoidant of the possibility of injury to the point of obsessive caution, something that concerned her parents to no end.
To hopefully curb her worrisome nature, her mother and father began to educate her in battling so that she would be able to defend herself if she was to get into trouble. Esther practiced these skills whenever she could, finding herself a little more brave after learning a little self-defense. She was able to finally leave home more often, confident in her defensive coat and her psychic strength.
However, while returning home one night, she found herself confronted by an angry Cacturne man. Esther was horrified to realize her attacks couldn't affect him due to him being a Dark type, and he was able to attack and mug her. She rushed home, panicked over her injuries.
The following weeks were hectic, to say the least. She found herself too scared to leave home for very long and became even more focused on her battling abilities. However, it seemed that no matter how much she tried, she was unable to get the hang of any attacking but Psychic. Frustrated with herself, Esther was determined to find some place where she could hone her skills further and hopefully desensitize herself to different experiences. Searching independently, she caught wind of Armonia Institute, a school which may just offer what she's looking for. Once her younger brother turned 15 and likely old enough to look after the two youngest siblings, Esther proposed the idea of transferring schools to her parents, who immediately accepted.

:bulletgreen:Summary characteristic: Very finicky

:bulletwhite:Hobbies: Esther enjoys sewing, knitting, and various little arts and crafts. She's interested in toying with electronics but doesn't usually have the time to mess with them. She often spends some time cleaning up areas that are a little dirty or littered. The rest of her time is spent practicing her moves against dummies that she makes herself.

Leopold Bonifay, Gallade ( Father )
Inga Bonifay, Reuniclus ( Mother )
Schroder Bonifay, Kirlia, age 15 ( Younger brother )
Alison Bonifay, Duosion, age 7 ( Younger sister )
Elli Bonifay, Ralts, age 2 ( Younger sister )

:bulletwhite:Level: 40

Hidden Power ( Fighting )
Light Screen
Future Sight
Pain Split

*She's very bad at using her non-psychic type moves. They often just fail.

:bulletwhite:TMs/HMs/Egg moves:
TM: Telekinesis
TM: Calm Mind
TM: Protect

:bulletgreen:Favorite berry flavor: Dry

:bulletwhite:House: Cordelia

:bulletgreen:School Schedule:

Obligatory classes:
Math (II)

Home Ec.
Tech Ed.


:bulletwhite:Extras/Fun Facts:
She's very scared of Dark type Pokemon, as she isn't able to properly defend herself against them. She can be a little nervous with Ghost and Bug types, but it's not quite as bad with them.
She's also a bit wary of feral Pokemon.
Esther is able to step out of the jelly-like substance like it's a coat, though she tends to get sick if she stays out of it for too long. She very sensitive to touch and shifts in temperature when not wearing her coat.
Her pain tolerance is very low, and she'll panic over the most minor of injuries. She's also very sympathetic to people in pain, so she'll tend to fuss over anyone who is hurt.
She likes to use Telekinesis to lift things, rather than any of her arms, and uses it to constantly shift her surroundings to her liking. However, her arms are embarrassingly weak because of this, and shes a little clumsy with her hands.
She's very fond of pearls.

Wardrobe Meme
Genderswap Meme- Ernest
Fairy Type Meme

November-Home Ec.
December- Battle
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sweetkimothy Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Student Filmographer
Aaaah she is such a little cutie~ :3 So squishy and adorable!
EmpurrorMooks Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! >u<
Powerwing-Amber Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013
Hee! She's so squishy looking! I love how you made her gelatinous coat. I'm jelly of your jelly making skills! Anyway, I do hope Esther can get over her dark-type fear soon. ^^ I'm sure she'll find some nice ones in the school.

Also, I must say that I absolutely love it when I see others listing little extras like a character's family! It just helps to give them more depth. ^-^
EmpurrorMooks Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :D If you ever need to learn how to do the jelly thing, I can show you how I do it if you'd like :3 She'll learn to deal with it sooner or later, she can't run from the room in terror every time a dark type student passes. xD
I always love seeing stuff like that too, I'm glad it was noticed! ^u^
Powerwing-Amber Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013
No problem! ^^ That would actually be nice if you could. :meow: I'm always willing to learn new techniques!

True, true. XD And there does seem to be quite a bit of dark-types lurking about the school (my own included), so she'd better learn fast.

I can't help but enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. :XD:
EmpurrorMooks Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I gave my best shot at a little mini-tutorial! Sorry that the image is so big, I had a couple more steps than I thought. xD Hopefully it's easy to follow but I can clarify something if I was a little unclear in spots.
Powerwing-Amber Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013
Big images are fine, since the screen I'm using now is rather large. ^^ Better to be too big than too small anyway.

Thank you, though! :meow: I'll give it a read!
Ally-Chan777 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013
AHH. What a cutie PIE >W< I mean, just look at her adorable wittle face! And she likes sewing?! Super cute.
EmpurrorMooks Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
djksjdf thank you! ;;v;; glad you like her >u<
Ally-Chan777 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013
No problem ^^ How could anyone not like her?
Wiree Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Adorable! :heart::heart:

Heh I was actually thinking of using the
same species for my 2nd character too but I got
other's in mind!
I hope we get to RP with our 2nd characters sometime! c:

P.S. The written app was fun to read too heh.
EmpurrorMooks Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! ;v;
Golly I can't wait to see your second character uvu I wouldn't mind it if they were a Reuniclus too but I understand if you don't want too many of the same species
But yeah I'd love to rp with them some time ^u^

P.S. Double thank you ;;u;; I always spend way too much time on the written app omg
Wiree Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh that's actually good to know!
I'll probably do a few sketches to see what people
like then decide. But I'm excited for our RP!
you are seriously a doll to RP with omg

P.S. Don't worry I do it too because it's one of my
favorite parts hahah >v<
YingYang-girl Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013
awww she is sooo cute Moon I love her :3
EmpurrorMooks Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you, i'm glad she turned out well! >u<
YingYang-girl Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013
No problem she is a cutie pie :3
Chocolatewoosh Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Professional Filmographer
She is so gosh darn cuuuuute 
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Have I ever said I really love her body shape? and the little pearl-like bracelets too omg adorable 
EmpurrorMooks Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
her body shape is my favorite to draw djfhjd thank you tho omg ;;;3;;;
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