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June 11, 2013
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PKMN Armonia: Otto Von Clawssen by EmpurrorMooks PKMN Armonia: Otto Von Clawssen by EmpurrorMooks
EDIT 3: Since the image in the ref is a little small, here is a larger image + color scheme reference. Also, the plaid color I use for his bandanna and cards is here.

EDIT 2: Updated with the shiny new app and everything. uwu

EDIT: Otto has been accepted! ^u^ He is now a student of the Selva house.
Given that you need permission to draw fanart, feel free to include Otto for anything you like! I'd be honored if you did and would love to see it. uwu
I'm also up for rps, please send me a note if you're interested! I'm a bit rusty though but im hoping to get back into it for Armonia. ;u;

Completed memes and such are at the bottom of the app!


:bulletpurple:Name: Otto Von Clawssen

:bulletblack:Age: 16 ( joined @ 15 )

:bulletpurple:Gender: Male

:bulletblack:Pokémon: Purrloin

:bulletpurple:Birthday: July 6th

:bulletblack:Height: 4'1''/124 cm

:bulletpurple:Weight: 59 lbs/27 kg

:bulletblack:Nature: Quirky

:bulletpurple:Summary characteristic: Thoroughly cunning

:bulletblack:Ability: Unburden Doubles the Pokémon's Speed stat when the Pokémon's held item is lost.

:bulletpurple:Hometown: Nimbasa City, Unova

:bulletblack:Personality: He's a bit of a loner and spends a lot of time on his own. It's not quite because he's unfriendly or overly shy- while he's good at guessing others' actions, he can't always tell what they feel and finds others a bit confusing. He'll sometimes try to copy their little actions or how they speak, though will knock it off if they notice and tell him off for it. Otto tries to be polite but can be a little too truthful or blunt at times. He quickly becomes dependent on those he feels he does understand and tends to follow them around whenever he has to be outside.
He gets very excited when people show interest in his hobbies, and can become a little overbearing when it comes to sharing his ideas. If you agree to be a listening ear, beware.
Otto does try to make up for his obliviousness in other matters through his problem-solving abilities. He's got a very mathematical way of thinking things through, and uses that to his advantage when he can. He does try to keep a level temper, but he gets a little hot-headed at his worst and can sometimes get irritated over things other people might find trivial. At the very least, he often cools down quickly. He gets very impatient and is quick to give up when he can't figure something out right away.
( summarized:
[+]usually polite
[-]impatient, quitter
[-]oblivious, easily confused
[-]mimics others
[-]insensitive )

:bulletpurple:History: Otto grew up with his mother and father in the bustling city of Nimbasa. His mother, a Liepard, would travel to other regions often due to her job and bring home lots of trinkets for him. The toys and board games she bought for him kept him entertained throughout most of his childhood. His father, a Persian, was the one to look after him most of the time, and was also the one who taught him to play cards ( He was most often the test subject of Otto's mismatched game creations ) But even Otto's dad got very busy with work.

As an only child with two working parents, Otto spent a lot of time on his own at home, playing the games his mother sent him or making up new ones in favor of going anywhere. Because of his general lack of interaction he found himself having difficulty connecting with others, especially the other younger pokemon, and sometimes even found their company bothersome because he couldn't fully understand them. He always tried and failed to rationalize their actions from a logical standpoint, something he still does. That analytical way of thinking led him to appreciate his games with their simpler, consistent rules more than living company, and as a young child he became very withdrawn. Comfortable with his solitude, over time he would go out of his way to avoid other Pokemon and sometimes went weeks at a time refusing to talk to anyone other than his parents. Eventually he did become bored, and even a little lonely- at his parents' insistence, he decided to break his stubbornness and reach out more. He began to wander around the city from time to time- while still hesistent to directly talk to others, he would watch other Pokemon go about their daily lives in Nimbasa in his free time, hoping it'd help his understanding. He'd often visit the Battle Institute or the sports centers, sometimes even the theme parks, and would pay attention to how others talked to each other. In time he picked up on patterns, though never the emotional reasoning behind it.

In the later years of his childhood, Otto tried to find others his age to talk to but few found interest in his favorite things the way he did. He got frustrated when others didn't appreciate the overly-complicated games he came up with, or when they mishandled his cards or knocked over his dominoes. Giving up on getting them to like what he did, Otto spent a lot of time mimicking the other younger Pokemon in an attempt to try to make friends and share their interests. Over time it became a habit as well, and a bit of an annoying one. You could say he was a copycat. When the other pokemon got annoyed or lashed out at him, he only got more irritated with his inability to understand why they were upset and avoided those who got mad at him. When he was making more enemies than friends, Otto gave up on his splurge in socializing in favor of watching from the sidelines again in his teenage years. As far as he was concerned, the patterns kept changing but whenever he tried to match them, people got mad at him. He mostly stayed indoors and was comforted by his games, coming up with more complicated designs and idly toying with the thought that maybe he could come up with ideas that everyone would be interested in.

Naturally, his father became worried that Otto's lack of proper exposure would affect his learning, and his lack of patience would make it hard for him to make friends in the future. When Otto's mother called home about a school she'd found, Armonia Institute, both parents agreed that it would make for a good experience for Otto and perhaps allow him to learn some patience in addition to the other life skills they simply didn't have the time to teach him. Otto was reluctant to leave home for a place full of people he didn't recognize at all, even if it was for a better education and environment, but he eventually allowed himself to be talked into it and agreed to apply.

While he's still not thrilled by the idea of leaving his parents or his city, a bit of research after his initial stubbornness did interest him. Otto is most looking forward to learning how to battle well, because it reminds him of the tournaments in the Battle Institute back home in Nimbasa. He's also hoping to make use of his logical way of thinking, and maybe learn to create games and pastimes that other Pokemon will be interested in. While he'd insist otherwise, he is still hoping to find someone that'll put up with him at least for a little bit and wants to work on his patience. Until then, he waits to be accepted into Armonia Institute.

Father: Alfons Von Clawssen/Persian
Mother: Georgette Von Clawssen/Liepard/Maiden name, Beaumont

:bulletpurple:Hobbies: Otto adores tabletop games. He'll often make up his own games that utilize dice and cards or anything else on hand, and likes to make involved domino set ups. He's good at thinking out chances and predicting outcomes so he'd be quite the opponent in gambling. As far as his other hobbies are concerned, he likes word puzzles and loves taking care of pets!

:bulletblack:Level: 25

Sand Attack
Fury Swipes
Fake out
Hone Claws

:bulletblack:TMs/HMs/Egg moves:
TM: Hidden Power ( Psychic type )
TM: Dark Pulse

:bulletpurple:Favorite berry flavor: Spicy

:bulletblack:House: Selva

:bulletpurple:School Schedule:

Obligatory classes:
Math (II)

Tech Ed.


:bulletblack:Extras/Fun Facts:
⊛The dominoes and dice he carries around are his good luck charms. He almost always has them somewhere on hand- without them, he becomes incredibly anxious.
⊛All the dice he carries with him are from board games his mother sent him.
⊛Otto wears his bandanna as often as possible. Whenever it's too cold or the situation doesn't call for it, he'll wear a scarf or a collared shirt at the very least.
⊛He switches up how he ties the bandanna so that there is a different suit is on the front every day.
⊛He's very good at mimicking voices and remembering quotes, but can't remember faces very well.
⊛If you can get him to laugh, he has a hard time stopping. It can be a task, but he does have an affinity for bad jokes.
⊛Though he can be a little disinterested in music as a whole, he loves stringed instruments. His favorite is the harp.
⊛Otto gets a bit obsessed with taking really good care of his playing cards. Whenever even one gets torn or bent, he tosses it and replaces it immediately. However, he still keeps the dingy old set that he used to play games with his dad.
⊛He hates other people touching his belongings.
⊛His favorite move to use is Assist.
⊛He loves pets, and has a hard time staying mad at them.
⊛Unlike most Purrloin whose feet are entirely the off-white cream color, only his toes are.
⊛He hates being laughed at. He can let it slide for friends, but with anyone else he gets very flustered and upset- especially if they don't tell him what he did wrong.
⊛Might just have a distant older cousin at a rival school...

Wardrobe Meme
Pet Meme: Dot
Kryptonite Meme
Heart Swap Meme: Dwebley
Fusion Meme: Gaston
Pirate Meme
Toddler Meme
Afterlife Meme
Otto's Heart Chart
Genderswap Meme: Odette
Fairy Type Meme

:bulletpurple: Assignments:
Finals- History Renaissance Fair
November- Sex Ed.
December- Battle
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Wiree Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Student General Artist
Ahh I've always loved Otto,
but I was always too shy to come by and say how much
I really adore him and your art style :heart::heart:

Also, would you be interested in RPing sometime? ; v;
EmpurrorMooks Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gosh thank you so much!! it really means a lot ;;O;; <3 And yeah I'd love to rp with you, I think Aurelia is just precious >u< <3
Wiree Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Student General Artist
Your very welcome! uvu
And fff thank you, I'm glad to hear that ; v;
but she seriously needs to get active again lol

Would you like to use Notes, or Skype?
I'm always open for RPs so don't feel bad if you reply
days later or something too c:
EmpurrorMooks Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would it be okay with you if I drew her and Otto? I really like her design and I've been wanting to paint some Armonia stuff. uvu

I do best with notes, if that's alright. ^u^ And thanks hehe, I get a little busy sometimes so sorry if I'm late. >3<
Wiree Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Student General Artist
Please go right ahead! I'd really love to see her in
your style, plus, I was planning on giving a shot at Otto myself~
I hope you have fun <3

Perfect! Besides Skype that happens to be the only way I can keep
up with RP's hah. And no worries, I totally get where your coming from c:

Anywhere particular you'd like them to meet?
EmpurrorMooks Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! ^u^

I didn't have anywhere specific in mind, though Otto tends to hang around quiet places like the cliff or by the gardens.
Wiree Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Student General Artist
You've got it!

I'll send over a post right now, and feel free to reply when you can U vU
EmpurrorMooks Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Will do. :3 I'm heading off for tonight, so I'll be replying ASAP in the morning~
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Berryeon Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
wow I love this guy!! his personality and design are great ahh i can't even ; w ;! if you're still up for rps I would love to rp with him :3c
EmpurrorMooks Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aaa thank you so much!! QUQ <33
i am indeed still up for rps~ feel free to message me any time you like :3
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