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April 13
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StM- Cecil by EmpurrorMooks StM- Cecil by EmpurrorMooks
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EDIT: Cecil was accepted!! /O\

im sorry i just saw the group and immediately got the idea for this guy ehehe
wish me luck!

Bullet; RedName:
Cecil B. Ashcroft

Bullet; BlackAge/Birthday:
17/October 28th

Bullet; RedGender:

Bullet; BlackPokémon (#---):
Espurr (#677)

Bullet; RedHeight:
5'3"/160 cm

Bullet; BlackWeight:
120 lbs/54 kg

Bullet; RedAbility:
Own Tempo (Hidden) (Prevents confusion)

Bullet; BlackNature/Summary Characteristic
Rash/Scatters things often

Bullet; RedType 1

Bullet; BlackHometown
Couriway Town

Bullet; RedPersonality
[+]Open-minded [+]Talkative [+]Imaginative [o]Naive [-]Jumps to conclusions [-]Easily stressed [-]Unfocused
Cecil is most notably a very messy guy. He loses almost everything, has an awful memory, and just about the shortest attention span ever conceived. He's the type that will be late to any meeting no matter how early you tell him in advance, and will probably show up with his shirt on backwards. He worries about bad outcomes- assuming the worst at the first sign of a problem- but is too unsure of his plans to do much to stop them. He tends to ignore his faults and workload until the last minute, at which point anything can set him off into a stress-feuled frenzy. He tends to overreact when people get upset with him.
He's quite the daydreamer. While he has trouble focusing on studies, he's got all the time in the world for sketching, painting, or just zoning out into fantasies ( which often leads to him nodding off ). He can be a little overimaginative, but at the very least he's always open to others' ideas. As such, he's often quite passive and its easy to persuade him to go along with others' plans no matter what they lead to longterm.

Socially, Cecil's not the most experienced but he always makes an effort to make conversation. He tends to talk about what's on his mind; Even when he doesn't, he's pretty poor at hiding things, so it's not hard to press him into spilling the beans. Temper-wise he usually gets more flustered or short-term frustrated than he does angry and he has a hard time holding grudges.

Bullet; BlackFamily:
Father: Henry Ashcroft/Meowstic
Mother: Seraphine Ashcroft/Meowstic/Maiden name, Beaumont
Older brother: York Ashcroft/Meowstic
Younger sister: Lytten Ashcroft/Espurr

Bullet; RedHistory
  Cecil was born to two a wealthy and reserved family of Meowstic as the middle child of 3. His father was strict in seeing that his children were properly educated; His mother kept a close eye on their behavior and etiquette. A
ll 3 children were homeschooled with any number of tutors- that meant classes at every opportunity- no excuses! And above all, no backsass or laziness. Needless to say, expectations were high from the beginning.
  Unfortunately, Cecil was not exactly one to exceed expectations. Though his parents tried, his older brother's responsibilities and his younger sister's age meant Cecil's siblings got more attention than he did. While not neglected by any means, the lack of extra discipline made him tend towards laxness despite knowing his parents would expect just as much from him. He dozed off during his lessons more often than not, misplaced nearly everything he was given, and zoned out when lectured on the importance of a cultured upbringing. His tutors were frustrated- no matter what they did, his attention was always elsewhere. At the same time, he was able to keep his grades relatively well and didn't outright misbehave in plain sight, so Mr. and Mrs. Ashcroft weren't worried enough to act. He continued to just coast through his minor responsibilities, spending time with his brothers and taking more interest in the arts and hobbies that went along with upperclass life. He procrastinated on his studies but got things done in the end, and as long as he was able to pretend to know what was going on in public, they had no reason to be concerned. Sure he was a liiittle bit of a mess, but certainly a son of theirs could do no wrong!
  Once his older brother graduated, however, his parents wanted to make the effort to spend more time with Cecil. His father brought him along to social events. His mother taught him chess and gave him all sorts of literature. The extra attention mostly made Cecil nervous- he was more of a mess than anything else, surely they'd know that and be disappointed? He found himself increasingly more stressed over his work, knowing his carelessness was going to get him in trouble sooner or later. The more stressed he got, the more he lost focus, and his grades ultimately slipped.
  His mother asked him about it, only to be met with Cecil's flustered and frantic admittance that he had no clue what he was doing and was probably a failure. She was rather shocked and confused to know that her son had been having such trouble without her or his father knowing of it. The family finally discussed the matter, and it was decided that Cecil would be sent to a private school in order to expose him to the better examples of other students and hopefully teach him a little self-discipline. Local schools left the Ashcrofts dissatisfied- they demanded only the best for their son! But the spreading reputation of the faraway St. Mortiel sounded promising...

Bullet; BlackLevel:
27 ( Arrived at 26 )

Bullet; RedMoveset:
Light screen
Fake out
Disarming voice

Bullet; RedTMs/HMs/Egg Moves/Tutor Moves
Rest (TM)
Sleep Talk (TM)

Bullet; BlackSchool Schedule
: (Grade 4)
Physics II

World History
French IV
Literature and Composition II
Mixed Media I
P.E. and Health IV
Religious Studies

Bullet; RedExtra Curricular Activities
Chess club

Bullet; BlackExtras/Fun Facts
His middle name is Beaumont, after his mother's maiden name
He's often very sleepy, he'll doze off in the middle of anything
He tends to talk in his sleep
The scar on his cheek was from a particularly unfortunate bike crash- evidently, it's important to watch where you're going when riding. That's his story, anyway.
He's an absolutely horrible liar
Upperclass life made him pretty unfamiliar with most chores or basic skills, he really has no idea how to take care of himself
If nothing else, he is pretty good with the arts; he can paint fairly well and knows his music, playing cello
He's near-fluent in French, which is his mother's first language
He's got a mild French accent from being a Kalos native
He's a little self-conscious about his eyes, so he refuses to cut his bangs short. They're also rather sensitive so it helps to keep them out of direct light.
He really rambles when he gets nervous
His guilty pleasure is basically anything pop culture
Tends to purr or hiss when extremely pleased or distressed, respectively
As an Espurr, his psychic power does act up when his ears are up; Usually it just gives him a headache in suppressing it, but at worst it can send out a small involuntary psychic shockwave with varying bad results
He's pretty prone to headaches in general

More to come!

Bullet; RedMemes:
Cecil's ID
SSB Meme
Kissing Meme (Enoch)
Pet Meme (Niege the Swablu)
Yukata Meme
Wardrobe Meme
Heart Chart
Genderbend Meme
Voice Actor Meme
Ghost Type Meme
Gypsy Meme

Bullet; BlackAssignments:
None yet!
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